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Take a look at what's been happening on site this week!!

JUL 2021

The scaffolding is down, the lights are on, and the building is waiting to welcome its new occupants!


MAR 2021

Scaffolding is continuing to come down around the building, and should all be gone by the end of this month. It will be great to be able to appreciate the building properly once its gone! Meanwhile, its all go on the interior...


JAN 2021

We rounded out the end of last year on a high point, starting to unveil the building in all its glory as the scaffold began to come down. The New year has now started with a bang as we push hard to get these Apartments completed!


23 OCT 2020

Tiling inspection! Passed with flying colours...


16 OCT 2020

We continue to push on with installing services throughout the building. Meanwhile, the transformer for the building was installed on site this week, another box ticked!


9 OCT 2020

As more and more of the materials for the interiors of the Apartments begin to arrive on site, our hoist is  operating non-stop throughout each day to ensure that everything is where it needs to be.


2 OCT 2020

One of the biggest milestones this week has been the lift gear arriving ready for installation!!


25 SEP 2020

We've had some classic Wellington weather this week which has slowed the window and roof install somewhat. But given that we are semi-watertight we've been able to progress the interior fitout. Services and linings continue at a great pace!


18 SEP 2020

The main goal at the moment is to close the building out, so the focus has been on window and glass install, cladding install, framing and final openings and getting the rood semi-watertight!


11 SEP 2020

Bye bye crane! A mobile crane is needed to take down our tower crane and disassemble it alongside the crane crew.


4 SEP 2020

Despite the shabby weather, the show must go on! There's been a lot of activity on level 6 this week, getting the timber framing put up so we can close in the building. 


28 AUG 2020

There's a lot of progress happening behind the cover of the scaffold at the moment - we're looking forward to the day the scaffold comes down and we can fully appreciate the building and its contribution to the cityscape!


21 AUG 2020

The Wellington weather has been kind to us this week! With roofing going on we are making the most of days like these to ensure the roof can be installed as soon as possible. It is also nearing the time for our beloved crane to come down - the site will feel quite different without it! 


14 AUG 2020

This week we installed the largest panels on the building (12 tonne!)  - this exceeded our tower crane's capacity for lifting, so we got a 350 tonne mobile crane on site to do the job. 

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7 AUG 2020

All eyes are on the roof at the moment as it begins to take shape!


31 JULY 2020

Our final slab pour up on Level 6. Making the most of the sun-rise while we can still get shots like this, soon we'll be taking them through apartment windows!


24 JULY 2020

A picturesque sunrise through what will soon be an enclosed 6th Floor! Final preparations were on the way for the final slab pour, with plenty going on elsewhere in the building to keep everyone occupied!


17 JULY 2020

With structural steel up to level 6 we are one step away from the roof! Scaffolding continued to shoot up this week closely followed by framing, services, and precast panel install.


10 JULY 2020

This week has seen good progress on panel installs, framing deck membranes, scaffold erection and services coordination!


3 JULY 2020

The end of this week saw our level 5 slab poured, precast panels installed on the facade, further timber framing and gibbing up the building, and more services being installed in the risers. Once our West side scaffolding goes up, the West side of the building can get framed out and gibbed up too!


26 JUNE 2020

The crane silhouetted against the sombre wellington skies. Progress remains good despite the weather's effort, but we are looking forward to the building being closed in!


19 JUNE 2020

With the West side balcony steel going in and steel up to level 5, the building is starting to take shape! Winter is definitely here and the weather has worsened, but hasn't slowed us down too much yet.


12 JUNE 2020

An end to another productive week! Steel has now reached level 5, balconies and external walls are getting framed out, and the ground floor has now been poured!


5 JUNE 2020

More steel, more framing, more concrete being poured!


29 MAY 2020

More steel in place, balconies taking shape, and a focus on the ground floor has made for a busy week! 


22 MAY 2020

This week we poured the Level 1 slab, made progress on the ground floor and if you've driven past you may have noticed some more scaffolding going up!


15 MAY 2020

An action packed week involving the first pre-cast concrete panels being put in place, ground floor drainage installation, and Level's 4 and 5 steel going up!


8 MAY 2020

Nothing like ending the week with a slab pour! Level 2 done and dusted.


1 MAY 2020

We're back on site, or at least some of us are, and working hard to proceed under the new COVID-19 Alert Level 3 working conditions. Big news of the week, our Tower Crane is up and operational!


23 MARCH - 28 APRIL 2020

Lockdown. COVID-19 has meant an end to work on site at Sunset until Alert Level 4 is lifted. The Aoraki team have gone remote and are busy planning and preparing in our bubbles till we can get back to it!

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