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23 OCTOBER 2020

Its exciting to see more and more finished products on site now including windows and doors, tiles, and kitchen cabinetry. However, it also means that everyone on site has to be careful not to damage anything wile working! Luckily, we have a great team of subbies on our site and everyone is really good at working together to make sure this happens.

All wall surfaces in the bathroom have now been covered in 300x600 tiles. The floor tiles are 200x200 and have a very distinct pattern with no room for error!

Apartment 108 is now almost completely lined. Once this happens it will be plastered, stopped, and painted.

Our final corner window was installed this week, these windows provide an amazing view of the city - not a bad site to be waking up to every morning!

The cedar for our soffits has arrived! We're getting more and more finished products on site now, exciting!

Our first batch or joinery has arrived - this is being stored and sorted off-site.

Ground floor apartments now have their intertenancy walls up, with the rest of the space being used as storage.

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