• Keep it simple. At Aoraki, we limit our commitments to only a handful of projects at any one time. This ensures that we can pour our hearts and souls into them, with a personal commitment to project success.

  • No unproductive overheads. The Aoraki team are based on-site. Nigel and Chris oversee all live projects, Aoraki staff, client relationships, marketing/business development, new project planning, development, design, and commercial management of the business. 

  • Relationships are key. Chris, Nigel and the rest of the Aoraki team are all well-established and well-respected in the Wellington construction market. Aoraki leverages these networks, operating through open and transparent relationships with clients, funders, designers, local council, subcontractors and suppliers to understand and manage construction risk together. 


  • Work smarter, with prefabrication and modular solutions. We believe that prefabrication and modular are essential ingredients to work smarter and settle the market, and work with clients and partners who have the same vision and ability to put smart solutions in place.

  • Challenge contracting norms. Our straightforward company structure means that we have access to capital, enabling us to partner with our clients/developers to build together, and/or provide construction management services to established property owners.  We minimise risk by maintaining high working capital (well in excess of ongoing forecast requirements) and have the ability to provide cash-backed bank bonding to a significant level where appropriate.

  • Keep it local. We only work in the Wellington market, where we have strong relationships and the geographical ability to remain close to the projects and the people we work with.


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Director & Commercial Manager

With extensive experience in all aspects of commercial management, Nigel leads the commercial side of Aoraki Construction. He is expert in the compilation, review, and interpretation of construction contracts, identifying and managing project commercial risk, and in interpreting design details to inform his first principles estimating. Nigel gained extensive project experience as Lead Quantity Surveyor and Commercial Bid Lead with Hawkins Construction, before moving to Arrow International as Senior Commercial Manager for Wellington and then National Commercial Manager. 



Director & General Manager

As General Manager of Aoraki Construction, Chris brings decisive leadership, valuable relationships and industry connections formed through extensive experience in the Wellington market, and strong technical skills in construction planning and delivery, commercial contracts, programming, site management and project management. Chris began his career with Fletcher Construction, gaining varied and substantial experience over 12 years before moving on to Arrow International to lead the Wellington team as Central Region General Manager and transforming the Wellington business.


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