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Be part of a new team with a fresh new approach to building cool buildings in Wellington, with good people.  Aoraki Construction Ltd was formed through the partnership of some highly experienced construction professionals who have stepped away from the big companies and corporates to deliver commercial construction developments in Wellington.

Our philosophies are clean and simple – work in the market we know and love (Wellington!), work in partnerships with good people, understand construction risk and actively manage it, treat everyone with fairness and respect, work hard, and have a heap of fun along the way!

Aoraki is deeply connected with the earth, the sky, the clouds and the environment.  This represents to us one of our founding Visions to keep grounded, be true to our foundations and keep perspective of why we’re doing this, every day.

Sound like you?  We are growing our already fantastic team to keeping building great projects for Wellington, including some significant new build residential developments, apartment buildings, seismic upgrades, office fit-outs and inner-city accommodation conversions all on the horizon.  Whether you are experienced already, or ready to take the next steps – we have opportunities to join a fantastic team.  If you are motivated and inspired to be part of an exciting new team, please call or email us (details below), we'd love to connect for a korero! 

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