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The major milestones of this week were the hoist being commissioned and the crane being dismantled and taken off site, the first glass install, and roof tray install. 

The hallways and service risers are currently lined on one side and insulated. once the service risers can be closed up the hallways will become a lot simpler!

Before the walls can be lined on both sides the insulation is installed and signed off.

We have now started installing linings on levels 1 and 2. Soon we will have people going through GIB stopping and preparing them for painting.

Its amazing what a day like today means for roof progress! The roofers have been busy installing vapour barrier and insulation.

The Level 6 openings involve more work than the others due to their termination to the underside of the roof. Almost there!

The glass for the windows is moved to each floor in the hoist and then maneuvered through the building by hand.

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