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12th June 2020

A big week for the ground floor this week, but at the same time the building continues to grow upwards with steel going up on level 5. Sunset's silhouette is taking shape with only one more floor and the roof to go up.

Another floor done and dusted, ground floor has been completed!

The balcony wing walls have now been framed out on level 1 and are ready for their weatherline.

First floor balconies starting to take shape! Next will be the sump and then plywood to cover the floor joists.

With all of the steel reinforcing in place the crew are working at the final touches before the ground floor slab can be poured.

Sheets of polystyrene are covering the water retention tanks to avoid pouring concrete directly on the plastic tanks.

As the ground floor is half enclosed due to the block wall, the pumpers have to do some clever manoeuvring to reach! 

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