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10th July 2020

More and more of the building is becoming enclosed as panels continue to go up. Plenty going on on the inside as well as the internal workings of the building are installed. 

After all the services have been installed in the risers, we can put the last wall on to close it in!

As timber framing continues we are now preparing for window install, and getting one step closer to closing the building in.

Our first stair is in place! Like our panels, the stairs are prefabricated off site. The landing must now be poured before the next stair can be installed.

Our crane can lift panels of up to 6 tonne. For the heavier panels we are having to get special mobile cranes in to do the lifting. 

Whilst the crane holds the precast panel in place, our riggers bolt the panel to the bracket, a precision operation!

As part of the waterproofing system for the balconies a torch on membrane is applied over the plywood and joists. 

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