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Armstrong's Wellington

January 2024 - Slab Pour!

The 18th Jan saw the first of two main slab pours - 96m3 of concrete came onto site in 17 concrete trucks to pour a slab area of 578m2. After this we'll have some final ours for the civil ground works exterior, and the MAHA put casettes for the car service pits. We're targeting the start of Feb for the next pour, aiming to make the most of the sunshine!

Outside of concrete, the site is racing along with the roofing underway and cladding soon to follow to begin closing in the building as we look to start internal framing very shortly.


November 2023 - Progress in the Sun!

It’s a glorious day at our Armstrong site today, the team are making it happen, and making the most of the space available.

Lattey's will finish erecting the precast panels today - 32x panels in 2 ½ days, a great effort! We’re beginning to excavate the trench for our service tub installation, arguably the most difficult part of the project, while pouring the remaining ground beams on the building to enable structural steel to start in a weeks time.


We’ve managed to pack in a 110T mobile crane, a MEWP, a 20T excavator, concrete placers and a few panels, a precast tub and piles of spoil onto site before we ran out of room and had to ask the Client nicely for space “outside the fence”. Thank you Armstrongs for obliging! The boom pump and concrete trucks are now in good company in the Porsche yard.

Big shout out to our Site Manager Aaron Connolly for getting it done and on programme 😊

Armstrongs Workshop progress_edited.jpg
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