8th May 2020

What a stunning day. The highlight of the week was getting the level 2 slab poured! Outside of that work on the sub-floor drainage on the ground floor has begun, structural steel continues to go up, and the blockwall is being prepared for the first lot of precast panels next week.

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The slab is left to set before it can be finished and then cured.

As one end of the concrete has started to set, the concrete placers can now start using their Kelly floats to create a smooth finish on the slab.

Seeing as it is on the second floor, a pump truck is required to pump the concrete up there.

The sun rises over the hard working concrete placers.

As the whole slab is being poured it took 13 trucks to get the slab filled.

With the slab reinforcing in place and signed off by the structural engineer it is time to get the pour underway!


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