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MARCH 2021

Things are progressing steadily on site, both externally and internally!

Down on the ground floor, joinery installation is underway and the bathrooms are being prepped to have water-proofing membrane installed t the end of the week. The pre-cast panel courtyard walls have also now been installed. On Level 1, final joinery defecting is nearly complete. Touch ups to the GIB stopping are underway in preparation for final coats of paint and door hardware is now being installed. On Level 2, second fix service works are well underway. Lights are due to be turned on in the apartments as of today! Continuing up the building, on Level 3 the kitchen splashback tiles are being installed, as is the timber flooring. The focus on Level 4 is getting the wardrobe joinery and stone bench tops for the kitchen installed. On Level 5, kitchen joinery installation has commenced and bathroom tiling is approximately 50% complete. And at the top of the building, ceiling are currently being lined with the aim of being completed by the end of this week!

A total of 11 precast panels were installed to create the ground floor courtyard spaces. These were the last panels to go in, marking the end of precast panel installation!

More of the building is revealed as the hoist that spans the South side of the building is taken down.

The hoist coming down marks another  milestone - most of the materials needed to finish are now in the building!

The courtyard walls for the ground floor have now been installed, providing privacy for the ground floor apartments.

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