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14 AUGUST 2020

This was a big week for us! The Aoraki crew worked over the weekend alongside our riggers to install the largest of the precast panels. As this took up most of the site, working the weekend was both the most efficient, and safest way to get it done. With our tower crane installing roof purlins whilst the mobile crane was installing precast panels, productivity was at its maximum!

The panels are held in place so the riggers can ensure the position and level is perfect.

Communication is key! The two crane operators and dogmen are constantly communicating over radio to ensure everything is coordinated perfectly.

Our facade continues to progress. The purple GIB Weatherline will be covered in building wrap, battens, and cladding.

The mobile crane is set up close to the panel install location for ease of access and to avoid compromising lifting capacity!

Due to the weight and size of these panels, only 2 can fit on each truck.

Our Site Manager and riggers racking panels in order to install them in the correct order.

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