7 AUGUST 2020

Whilst there has been a lot going on internally this week the big push is to get the roof installed ASAP to allow the building to be closed in. Once this happens things such as wall linings can start to go in, and of course the roof shout!

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The hallway walls and bathroom walls are being set out here. The recess in the slab is where the shower tray will sit.

Hallway walls and apartment entrances are taking shape!

Rubbish is an ongoing battle on any developing project. Our Senior Site Manager, Kirk, is all over it however, and its quite likely that we have one of the cleanest sites in Wellington! 

The Aoraki crane crew working in tandem with our riggers to ensure the roof will be ready for its base trays soon.

Roof purlins! We are excited to see our roofing steel go up.

Our steel stud walls have reached level 3. Once level 4 is in our subcontractor will return to level 1 and install the west side.


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