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This week we've put up a lot of the timber framing on level 6, got the roof tray down across almost the entire roof, and services have been following closely behind the interior fitout. Next week we'll see our hoist commissioned and our crane will leave the site!

Each floor has had a scaffolding platform specially constructed to allow materials to be transported to each floor.

Our goods and personnel hoist is due to be finished early next week. This will take the place of our crane for transporting materials up into the building.

A peak at our showroom apartment! Floor tiles and shower screed have now been installed.

Framing of the level 6 wing walls and balconies has begun!

The timber framed bulkhead is the support for the full height sliding door which goes through each apartment.

By the end of the week we've made a lot of progress on framing up the walls and roof.

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