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31st July 2020

The two major milestones for this week were pouring the final slab on level 6, and our steel stud partition walls getting underway. Once more steel stud has been installed we will be able to start our first fix!

Our precast concrete panels are held in place by steel brackets which are bolted onto the structural steel.

Our service risers (left) are up to level 3 now which allows each trade to start running their services up the building.

Scaffolding and temporary guard rails go in with our stairs to allow people to work safely off them.

Due to the amount of concrete needed for the floor slab it takes around 4 1/2 hours to receive all of it, place it, and finish it.

Due to the building's orientation, the east side apartments will be bathed in morning sun, and the west side the afternoon sun.

The steel stud inter-tenancy partitions continue to go in. Soon we'll install first fix services (the internal bits!) in the walls.

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