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After 2 weeks off site over Christmas, the Team is back with renewed energy and motivation to get these Apartments finished!


On the ground floor, wall linings are nearing completion and ceilings are due to be constructed shortly. The last of the joinery is being completed on the first floor and painting is underway. Appliances have been delivered and are in the process of being installed. Kitchen splash backs are being tiled and timber flooring is due to start in the next week - its all go on this floor! On the second floor, bathroom tiling has now been completed and the main focus at the moment is joinery installation. Up on the third floor walls and ceilings have been lined, stopped, and sealer coated. Kitchen and wardrobe joinery has been loaded in ready for installation and tiling work in the bathrooms has begun! Up on floor number four we are plastering the walls and ceilings, and joinery delivery is underway. On the fifth floor, in-ceiling plumbing work is currently being completed and this will be quickly followed by ceiling linings. And up on top, first fix works are being completed for services with wall linings following closely behind. Ceiling grids will then be finished off, followed by ceiling linings.

It's all go!

A finished deck with balustrade, decking, and soffits above. They are quite beautiful!

The building's elevator is in and waiting to be commissioned.

We're pushing hard to get joinery done in the apartments at the moment... this means a lot of packaging to dispose of! There are 2-3 full skips of cardboard being taken off-site every day to be recycled!

As the scaffolding comes down, you can really start to appreciate what Sunset West actually looks like! 

With joinery and kitchen appliances in, tiling has begun in the first floor Apartment kitchens.

Once bathrooms are tiled, installation of toilets, sinks, & showers can begin, due to start next week (this is our 'showroom'!). 

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