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Everything is happening at once now! The lower floors are starting to resemble individual apartments, the exterior of the building is getting closer and closer to looking like the architect's renders, and we're only a couple of weeks away from the first lot of kitchen joinery arriving and being installed!

Once all of the nogs are in place the services can be installed in the walls.

The soffit framing underneath the balconies is a work of art! It also serves a purpose, ensuring that the cedar lines up with the balconies.

In order for any necessary roof openings to have something to fix to, our carpenters have been installing these custom made timber frames to the underside of the roof.

The corner windows are installed last on each floor as they require the most work. This opening is ready for its window!

We're progressing well on getting the Spanlock cladding up! 

A tricky junction where the cladding comes around the corner and meets the balcony.

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