21 AUGUST 2020

With roofing being installed, the hoist ready for install, and further framing services and gibbing going on, it's all go for Aoraki! With all major installs now finished our crane will be coming down soon, with our hoist as its replacement for moving materials around the building. 

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Our showroom apartment is coming together at speed - services are ready to go through the back of the bathroom basin and cabinet.

Our stair mid-landing ready for pour. We have reached level 4 with our stairs, only 4 stairs to go!

Aoraki's flagship project standing proud on a winning Wellington day.

The base of our hoist. The hoist will be used to move both goods and personnel to each floor once the crane comes down.

All cranable materials have now been lifted up to level 6. With the roof closing in it is no longer easy to get materials in!

Our stair well is left open so items can still be craned down, including the stairs themselves.


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Director & General Manager


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Director & Commercial Manager


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