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17th July 2020

There is a lot more going on on the inside of the building now that the structure is almost up, with stairs, windows and doors starting to be installed. A lot of care is being taken to protect these finished elements while construction continues around them.

The stair mid-landing has to be formed and prepped, then the structural reinforcing can be tied into the stair and it can be poured.

The first stair landing has been poured! As seen in the picture, the stair mid-landing backs onto our precast panels. The structural steel is white due to the intumescent paint that has been applied.

Our first delivery of windows/sliding doors! Once these frames are installed the glass will be inserted.

Once the torch on membrane is applied to the balconies they are covered to protect them from being damaged.

The plumbing for our balcony sumps has been installed and connected up. 

The starter bars sticking out of the stairs ensure the pre-fabricated stairs can be tied into the structural reinforcing on site.

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