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5th June 2020

It has been a tough and grueling week. The teams morale has taken a blow with Dan being based up at the Treehouses but alas, we must carry on... The peak of this week was seeing level 4 get poured! Outside of that we are prepping ground floor for its pour, the timber framing is coming along nicely on the balconies and wing walls, and steel continues to go up at a great pace. We have also started installing service ducts and pipes!

The ground floor retention tanks are having concrete poured around the edges so they can be set in place, and then covered with foam before the ground slab is poured.

The ground floor has been covered with a damp proof membrane on which the steel fixers will lay out the ground floor reinforcing.

Whilst ground floor is being prepared we can pour level 4, only two more floors to go!

Our steel riggers undertaking the delicate task of installing our balcony steel from mobile scaffold platforms.

After the balcony steel has been installed our carpenters can now frame out the balconies!

With the balconies framed the carpenters can begin framing out the wing walls and then work their way around the building.

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