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3rd July 2020

Wind, rain , and more wind! Makes it tough to get our crane working, but we managed to beat the weather to get our precast panels onto site and progress continued on level 5 and the West side of the building!

Our level 5 floor slab is finished and curing amidst the brisk weather conditions. Only one more floor to go!

The sun rises over the risers! After pre-fabricating our service risers they are now in place and having the services installed up the building.

Our traffic management plan has now been approved and we have started to erect the gantry over the footpath. The scaffolding will then be able to continue up the West side.

You can't beat Wgtn on a good day! Our 5 tonne precast panels were delivered and stored right before the 120km/hr winds hit.

Monday saw our level 5 floor slab poured amidst the rain and wind. The weather did slow progress, but everyone soldiered on!

Concrete pumping is a full body workout  - the pipe is full of wet concrete and by no means light!

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