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29th May 2020

10/10 would do this week again! The end of this week saw Level 4 steel in place and comflor go down. Level 1 framing on the balconies began which allows for the framing to start after this. On ground floor the retention tanks have been installed as well as the drainage, and footings and edges prepped for the ground floor pour!

What a beautiful day to lay comflor! Our steel riggers are nailing down the comflor to prepare it for the slab reinforcing.

Here we can see the balcony steel in place, as well as the formwork on the ground floor for the slab footings and edges.

With the balcony steel in our carpenters have now begun framing the balconies and the edge of the building!

The steel riggers working from their tag lines torquing and fastening the steel in place for level 4.

All of the stormwater retention tanks are in place on the ground floor, waiting to be submersed in concrete.

With the lift shaft steel in place, we were able to pour around the final columns!

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