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26th June 2020

Its good to have plenty to do on the inside of the building now that the weather has turned. Installation of the services is progressing and we are happy to have our precast concrete stairs on site, ready to be instaleld when the time is right!

Now that the ground floor is poured it can be framed out, and services can be installed.

Intumescent paint is needed on some of the structural steel in order to achieve the specified fire rating. This expands in the heat to protect the steel.

The West side balconies waiting ready to be framed out when the scaffold is up on this side. 

Our precast panels range from 1.7m to 6.6m wide and are approx 3.4m high, weighing between  2300kg to 11900kg!

Our stairs have arrived! We now have all of our precast stairs on site, waiting to be installed.

The level 5 slab reinforcing is underway and getting prepped for the pour!

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