24th July 2020

This week has seen more precast panels installed, the Level 6 floor being prepared, and roof steel starting to be installed. Once our level 6 floor slab has been poured we can start to install our roof! Elsewhere, we have doors and precast concrete stairs going in - its all go!

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Most of our precast panels have been installed around our lift shaft, with only the top ones to go in. These panels are being closely followed by GIB Weatherline.

Our precast stairs being installed by our crane crew and riggers. Each stair gets lifted down the stair-well and placed on the landing and mid-landing. From here our riggers ensure it is in the correct position an level.

Once a stair is in place we can then tie reinforcing in the landing, pour concrete, then place the next stair the following day.

Structural steel is being installed before the level 6 tray deck can be laid out. Our riggers install these from their scissor lifts.

Our level 6 slab is being tied and prepared for the concrete pour. This will be our last floor slab!

Almost ready for our window installers to get to work. Each apartment has a large ranch slider opening onto the balcony. 


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