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22nd May 2020

The end of this week saw level 1 poured, the ground floor drainage approved, the ground floor being backfilled and compacted, and scaffolding start to go up on the North Eastern side of the building!

An aerial shot of the structural steel progress, taken from atop our tower crane!

Our brave cadet taking an aerial shot from on top of the crane, sometimes a different perspective lends a better...perspective!

Steel continues to be erected, with columns up to level 5 in place. Comflor will start to go down once the sawtooth edges have been installed.

Ground floor has been backfilled and compacted! The blockwall in the background is also making good progress.

Now the ground floor drainage has been signed off, backfilling up to slab level has started.

Another early start for the Aoraki team, Tuesday saw level 1 being poured!

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