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19th June 2020

Its easy to imagine what the completed building will look like now that we have almost 5 floors up, and the views as you go up the building are spectacular (when not blocked by the fog!). The West side of the building has progressed this week as we continue to work on the balconies. 

The level 3 sawtooth edges can now be poured. These were initially boxed out as the edge steel was not on site.

With multiple levels poured we can now get services installed. Here is a sprinkler system junction (red) and the extract ducts (silver).

The carpenters build the decks off the scaffolding, so now that is rising up the building's decks can too!

The North side scaffold has made it to level 5, and once our traffic management plan is approved we can start on the West side.

The steel riggers working in the wind and rain to install the comflor on level 5 and get it ready for the slab reinforcing to go in.

For our riser construction method we are pre-fabricating our risers before installing them. This is the start of that process.

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