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15th May 2020

The end of the first full week back after the lockdown saw a notable difference in the shape of the building. The first precast panels have been installed at ground level, ground floor drainage has begun its installation, and the steel riggers finished off the stariwell and liftpit up to level 3. Now the building is gaining more height as level 4 and 5 steel starts to go up!

With steel up to level 3 complete the steel riggers have started erecting level 4 columns!

All 5 precast panels have been installed and braced, with protective wraps over the blockwall behind it.

The first precast panel is being installed alongside Victoria Street.

Our first precast panels have arrived! They are stored on large A-frames on site until they are installed one by one.

The lift pit shaft has been completed up to level 3!

The steel riggers working hard to install the stairwell steel from their scissor lifts.

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