1st May 2020

After the 4 day week back from lockdown the major milestone for Aoraki was the tower crane getting declared operational! Structural steel went up, site meetings have now become Zoom meetings, and level 2 is getting steel reinforcing tied and prepared for the pour next week. Everyone was excited to get back to work however a few noted that the 4 week 'holiday' was not long enough...

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The day level 4 hit. The Aoraki tower crane left incomplete, a towering metaphor for how a pandemic put the world on hold.

It didn't take long for the site to get back in to the swing of things, after 4 weeks everyone was raring to go!

The jib is assembled on the ground for ease of construction, then lifted and bolted in place at the top of the tower section.

With all of the tower sections and the cabin in place, the final part of the cranes construction is installing the 30 metre long jib!

The mobile crane is being used to lift structural steel whilst the tower crane is going through its load calibration and engineers sign-off

With the level 3 slab set it is now being used as the working platform to erect the structural steel for level 4, 5, and 6


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